Advertising -v- Marketing

The difference may mean $$$ in your pocket

By Leanne McGrath

18-08-2018 |
When you are considering selling your home you may have a few agents in to discuss your options. Every agent can advertise your property - but there is a big difference between Advertising and Marketing. Advertising will include some professional photos on the internet and perhaps some newspaper advertising Marketing your home is a much more involved process. Not every agent is skilled in the area of Marketing. One of our recent listings had been with another agent for the summer months, but had not received any offers. During our Marketing preparations we heard that another house would be coming up for sale close by and in the same price range. We prepared our campaign and waited for the other property to hit the internet. We didn’t have to wait long. We launched our campaign as soon as the other property come onto the market ... because we knew that in a side-by-side race our listing was better and if there was only one buyer in that price range we wanted them! Our listing sold within a week and for $50,000 over the listing price! We had done our job. After we list your home we begin planning the marketing for it. We look at the current market, your competition and how we are going to create desire. The market plays a big part in how quickly your home sells and what price you achieve but there’s plenty we can do to help that along! Another of our recent listings had been on and off the market for many years. That property was a challenge, because everyone looking in that price range had seen the house before, so our Marketing campaign was tailored to re-introduce excitement Our campaign focused on the advantages this property had over everything else for sale at the time. The Virtual Tour began at the beach, just 200m away, the views were captured, the homes benefits were highlighted ... and we never showed the front of the house! That property sold for $25,000 above the listing price in under 2 weeks


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