Responsibilities: Tenant & Landlord

Clarify who is responsible for what

By Jenny Nielsen

18-08-2018 |
Tenant Responsibilities Always pay the rent and water usage/utility accounts on time. Each payment you make builds your Tenant Ledger, which will form your Rental History. If your rent is regularly behind it will affect your chances of securing your next rental. Report any maintenance problems. It is your responsibility to inform the Landlord or Agent of anything that needs to be repaired. At the end of your tenancy the house is expected to be in the same conditions as the day the tenancy started. It’s too late at the end of the tenancy, to explain that the window was broken 6 months ago when the neigbour was mowing - the repair will fall on you, because the break was not reported Do not put foreign bodies down the drains or toilet. If the pipes are blocked during your tenancy and the plumber finds that the blockage was due to tenant misuse the bill will be yours to pay. Be a good neighbour. Owners often befriend the neighbours and neigbours will report to them. Be quiet, be respectful and do the right thing - it’s only manners after all. Maintain lawns & gardens. Just like the inside of the house, the outside of the property has to be in the same condition it was in when your tenancy began. If you park your car on the lawn, expect to have to re-turf when you leave. If all the plants die, you will have to replace them. If the outside of the house looks good, the neighbours will love you too! Landlord Responsibilities Smoke Detectors! It is the owners responsibility to make sure the detector/s comply with all safety requirements and are working at the beginning of the tenancy. Safety and security. The house has to be able to be secured, so if a window is broken, or a lock, it needs to be repaired immediately. If it turns out that the issue was caused by the tenant, the invoice may be sent to them - but our suggestion is just “get it done” and worry about who pays later. Legalities. The property must comply with all relevant legislation for it to be considered a “legal dwelling” Maintain Appliances. Keep the property and appliances in the same state as at the beginning of the tenancy. So, if the dishwasher breaks down it must be repaired or replaced. If it’s not, the tenant may be able to claim a rent reduction through Tribunal. Also, it may surprise you to know that Air Conditioner repairs are considered “urgent” repairs and have to be acted on immediately.