Think of Us as Your Mother-In-Law

Where does your Property Managers sit?
18-08-2018 |
As Property Managers we are the go-between for tenants and Landlords. In any dispute, each party thinks they’re in the right. Usually in a family dispute someone steps in to smooth things over and keep the relationship workable. Sometimes that’s your Mother-In-Law. In the relationship between a tenant and a landlord, we, The Agent, are the Mother-In-Law Most of us have a wonderful Mother-In-Law! Helpful, patient people you can rely on, with hearts of gold. Full of good advice from lifelong experience. However, not all advice is wanted. Sometimes their advice goes against what you want to do. Sometimes their advice is ignored. Your Mother-In-Law just smiles and continues on, ready to help if needed. A real estate agent’s role is similar. We can advise, counsel and negotiate, but can only enforce within our legal rights. In the role of Property Managers, we act on behalf of the Landlord, however it is in our clients best interests to have good relationships with their tenants (and that’s not hard because our tenants are great people). Seeing both sides of a dispute and negotiating an amicable outcome for both sides is what we do. We are the people your tenant calls at 8pm when they get home from work and have no power ... or have locked themselves out! We’re the people tenants call when they’ve got twelve 8 year olds over for Billy’s birthday party and the sewer is blocked. We’re the people tenants call on Christmas Day when they’ve got family coming over for a Turkey with all the trimmings and the oven has just blown an element. We know what to do, we know who to call and we’ll get you sorted. You may not always love us, but we’re here when you need us ... just like your Mother-In-Law.


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