Why Lease With Us?


Peace of Mind

Three little words, but they provide you freedom, security, protection and power.

You will always remain in the drivers seat, but you will be released from the day to day running of your investment property, safe from the fear of any liability and secure in the knowledge that should an emergency arise, we’ll take care of it, and you.

Recently our area was hit by a massive hail storm which resulted in around 7000 insurance claims.  Our amazing team kicked into action before the storm had even finished, issuing safety reports on social media and contacting trades to be on standby.  We had some major damage which was prioritised and dealt with before the end of the day.  Within 24hrs all 83 affected Landlords had been contacted and advised of the damage at their properties, they were provided with quoted costs of repairs and offered assistance with their insurance claims.  Now that may sound like a streamlined team, and it is, but some are new to the industry … and it wasn’t just left to Property Management department, our whole team kicked into gear, because we care.  We helped our tenants who have mobility issues after the storm, just like we took groceries (and toilet paper) to our elderly tenants during Covid.   

We have a team of reliable, qualified tradesmen who offer us discounted rates due to the volume of work they receive from us, ready to spring into action, no matter the time or day (yes, even Christmas day, especially if it’s an oven).

Selecting a Management Specialist

Many Agents will tell you that their team is experienced, highly qualified, have managed huge rent rolls, but what really matters is

“Will this team look after MY property?”

Yes we will.  Like it’s our own.

We can do everything the big firms can do, we have the cutting edge technology, the industry standard tenant security checks, the powerful management software program, and that all helps – but we have a small powerful team, that go the EXTRA mile on tenant checks, that actually have 30+ years of local knowledge of people, properties, families and tenants backing their recommendations, who care about their landlords, properties and tenants, the big firms don’t have that.  Sometimes they don’t even know your name.

This is not a 9am to 5pm job for us.  We are available to you, for you, so you can have ‘Peace of Mind’  and don’t think it’s tough for us – we LOVE it – we love finding the right tenant for you, we love to hear how happy you are with our service and we love to hear about the fabulous holiday you were able to enjoy, because we’ve got your back.

Our Values and Purpose

Our purpose is to create a place where we can facilitate our peoples’ growth. Our values are

We are the only local agent whose high standing justifies us trading under our own name. A potent mixture of honour, ethics, sincerity, truthfulness, fairness, and trust. For us, Integrity is not a noun, it's a verb.

Not just an outfit, professionalism is a journey to a place where you no longer have a job, you have a chosen career and you're not employed, you work for people, helping them to achieve their goals.

Better than just knowledge, expertise is earned in the course of many years. Expertise is the combination of wisdom, experience and professionalism, all the ingredients of a true master of the industry

Communication is the essence of our friendly, personalised service. We are always just a phone call away and are committed to your goals and your sale. We offer our experience, advice and guidance through every step of your sale.

Selling your home can be stressful, you need to depend on your Agent to represent you truthfully and act in your best interests, always. There's nothing that we haven't dealt with and nothing we would rather do.